Spy Pond Picnic - Sun July 12th

Hello Again, OA!

We have decided to hold our first summer picnic of 2015 on the shores of Spy Pond Park, Arlington, on Sunday, July 12th, from 5-7 and make it a very simple affair. We'll all bring a little something to share, and a plate, a cup, and a fork.

We have a shareable document, so you can tell the group what you plan to bring. You can type in that you're bringing drinks or cheese and crackers or berries. Easy, cool, foods and drinks. We'll have some extra paper/plastic odds and ends, but the less disposable stuff we generate the better for the planet so plan to bring your own.

Patty will be giving us an update on PassMassAmendment and we are extending our picnic invitation to Occupy Winchester and anyone in the community who feels an affinity with Occupy. Everyone is always welcome.

I hope that other members of OA organize a second picnic later in the summer and allow all those who couldn't be in Arlington on the 12th to join us for some more catching up. We'll miss having you guys with us!

Spy Pond Park is adjacent to the bike path just East of Arlington Center. It has limited parking at the Pond Lane entrance, which is closest to the picnicking area and playground.

Currently we have no rain location, so please check your e-mail if weather becomes an issue.

See you on Sunday!


July 12th - Save the date for a picnic!

Hello Occupy Arlington,

We are hoping to get together on Sunday, July 12th from 5-7pm.

We're planning to picnic (outside if weather permits) and hold an open meeting. In the spirit of Occupy, we're looking for a public space in the center of Town to use as our preferred venue and an indoor space as backup. Your help with arrangements is welcome.

We will have more details about the picnic in a few days. Meanwhile, please save the date!


Upcoming Events in June

For those of you who don't use facebook, there are a couple of events coming up in the next few days, including:

Workshop, March & Rally to Keep Fracked Gas Out of Massachusetts
Saturday, June 6th at 9:00am - Workshop; 2pm Walk & Rally
Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn in Swampscott, Massachusetts

Rally to End Mass Incarceration and Judiciary Hearing on Related Bills
Tuesday, June 9 at 12:00pm - Rally, Press Conf, & Hearing
Massachusetts State House, Gardiner Auditorium


Save The Date: 04-15-15 HEARING for H-933

PMA Action and supporters of "Corporations are NOT People: Money is NOT Speech;"

PMA has been informed, as of late Friday, that House Bill no. H-933, one of the two Bills for a legislative Amendment to the MA Constitution, will be heard by the Joint Judiciary Committee THIS coming Wednesday, at 11 AM; Room B-2

Listing of the Bill to be heard: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/189/House/H933
Hearing info: https://malegislature.gov/Events/EventDetail?eventId=1071&eventDataSource=Hearings (Note: website lists room B-2)
compostition of the Committee: https://malegislature.gov/Committees/Joint/J19

Pay 2 Play - Wed April 8th

On Wednesday, April 8th, 7:00pm., Pay 2 Play, a documentary about the corrosive influence of big money in politics, will be shown at the 1st Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington Center. Following the movie, Pam Wilmot, Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts, will lead a discussion about the various campaigns to take back democracy. Admission is free, so please come, and bring friends!

Ask your State Rep/Senator to CO-SPONSOR PassMassAmendment Bills by Jan 30th

Both a Senate and House Bill, based on PassMassAmendment language, have successfully been filed in the Massachusetts State House!!!

On January 16, proposals based on PassMassAmendment were filed in the Massachusetts House and Senate by lead sponsors Senator Kenneth Donnelly, Representative Dave Rogers and Representative Paul Mark, as a proposed amendment to the MA State Constitution, based on Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.

Jan 21st is the Fifth Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling

1/21/15 is the fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgate$$$$. Just a reminder, and possibly a good day to send a message to those who agree that "Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech." That Occupiers are growing louder and more visible as our struggle continues. We have taken on a variety of issues and partnered with many groups that aim to foster the common good. We are still the 99%, in all our diverse forms, as we continue our work.

Fracked Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts?

(Source: UJP)

On July 30, 2014 from 11 AM to 1 PM, there will be a rally at the State House in Boston to welcome and join the "rolling marchers" who are walking to protest a proposed pipeline of fracked gas running through their communities.

This is a proposed high-pressure gas pipeline to run from New York, to Richmond in Berkshire County and through to Dracut, north of Boston.

Petitions in opposition to this project will be presented to the legislature and governor. You can sign them here: http://www.nofrackedgasinmass.org/pipeline-petition

General Assembly Notes 10 June 2014



  • OA endorses Friends of Alewife Reservation Action to PRESERVE THE SILVER MAPLE FOREST, Sat 6/28; 10 AM - noon - Alewife "T" march to forest. Put it on your calendar and join us!
  • AUDIENCE OUTREACH AND DISCUSSION PANELISTS ARE REQUESTED for "CITIZEN KOCH" - Brattle Theatre, June 20-25. OA is a co-sponsor of this event. Want to go as a group? Want to be on a panel? Check out the group Doodle schedule - http://doodle.com/dqnr9k6g3tv3yya7.


  • NEXT OCCUPY ARLINGTON (OA) GA HAS NOT BEEN SCHEDULED. Please see our private Doodle link and tell us what you want to do this summer. http://doodle.com/pk56wpcw9ne9b6s3.


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