Jan 21st is the Fifth Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling

1/21/15 is the fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that opened the floodgate$$$$. Just a reminder, and possibly a good day to send a message to those who agree that "Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech." That Occupiers are growing louder and more visible as our struggle continues. We have taken on a variety of issues and partnered with many groups that aim to foster the common good. We are still the 99%, in all our diverse forms, as we continue our work.

  • We, The People of the Commonwealth, are taking action on issues related to the influence of corporate money as speech, and making steady progress.
  • More and more voters are seeing the results of Big Money's shadow in our Nation's policy decisions and our recent State elections.
  • An increasing number of Massachusetts voters are looking for a way to put the brakes on the corrupting influence of the Mega-Donors in government.

Many volunteers from Occupy joined the effort with PassMassAmendment [PMA] to collect voter signatures during the Fall of 2013 and 2014. Now, with the added momentum of the MA House and Senate filing bills this legislative session, based on the language of PMA, our voices have been amplified.

PassMassAmendment [PMA] will be organizing this Spring to ask volunteers to take up their pens and pledge to petition the voters of Massachusetts this Fall, to get statewide support for a binding ballot initiative declaring that "Corporations are not People and may be regulated. Money is not Speech and it may be regulated."

Once again, volunteers for PMA will be petitioning voters all over the State, calling for a clarification to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Will you pledge to collect 50 -100 voter signatures with PMA this Fall?

PMA is looking for volunteers from every County in MA... and Middlesex County is very big.... so I am asking you and the friends you know to commit to several hours of petitioning, now; enabling PMA to launch a successful Petitioning Drive in September of 2015.

Are you in?