Ask your State Rep/Senator to CO-SPONSOR PassMassAmendment Bills by Jan 30th

Both a Senate and House Bill, based on PassMassAmendment language, have successfully been filed in the Massachusetts State House!!!

On January 16, proposals based on PassMassAmendment were filed in the Massachusetts House and Senate by lead sponsors Senator Kenneth Donnelly, Representative Dave Rogers and Representative Paul Mark, as a proposed amendment to the MA State Constitution, based on Corporations are not People. Money is not Speech.

Volunteers from our grassroots group have been at the State House, meeting with our reps and senators to introduce them to the PassMassAmendment initiative so that they may sign on as co-sponsors of the bill (Senate proposal SD 1311 or House proposal HD 2599.) Please help the lead sponsors get this issue to the top of the pile, this week, by contacting YOUR State Representative and State Senator to ask them to co-sponsor the "PassMassAmendment." Their support will add greatly to the momentum behind the bill. To find your local legislators and how to contact your State Representative and Senator, click here.

You can call or e-mail or snail-mail, or all three! Here is a sample letter.

Here are some ways you can personalize your message.

We are especially asking the constituents of our formal endorsers of the ballot initiative to contact their reps/senators to encourage them sign on as co-sponsors of Senate SD 1311 or House HD 2599.

See if your elected official is on the list of endorsers.

The deadline for legislators to sign on as co-sponsors is January 30 and the more co-sponsors we have, the more likely the Bill will come to the Floor of the General Court this session.

Once again, it starts in Massachusetts!

Thank you for encouraging our Representatives of this Commonwealth to make history, now.


The Board of