Pay 2 Play - Wed April 8th

On Wednesday, April 8th, 7:00pm., Pay 2 Play, a documentary about the corrosive influence of big money in politics, will be shown at the 1st Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Arlington Center. Following the movie, Pam Wilmot, Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts, will lead a discussion about the various campaigns to take back democracy. Admission is free, so please come, and bring friends!

The problem started with the US Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which permitted the formation of Super PACs and other groups that can spend unlimited dollars in elections.

What has been the result? A "pay-to-play system" that ties the rich, lobbyists, and politicians ever closer together at the expense of all the rest of us. Pay 2 Play will not only get you riled up, but will point out specific ways you can help change the status quo. Using the game of Monopoly and its cartoon mascot, the mustachioed Uncle Pennybags, the film shows that it is the spirit of Monopoly, where the player with the most money wins, that is key to what’s wrong today.