Occupy Arlington General Assembly - Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 6:30 pm, Robbins Library

TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014 AT 6:30PM
4th Floor Conference Rm (elevator)
Public Meeting - Open to All - free
Robbins Library; 700 Massachusetts Avenue; Arlington, Massachusetts

What's on your mind? Come and share your thoughts regarding local and national issues with Arlington's citizens who are committed to taking action and voicing their concerns publicly.

Discuss ongoing events sponsored by OA in the community and beyond.
Ideas sought for next film in free OA documentary series.
March film planned to be about social justice.
Do you have a guest speaker who might lead the post-film discussion?

Occupy Arlington Film Series Continues: Chasing Ice

John Anderson, Director of Education at New England Aquarium, will be joining OA as our guest for the post-screening discussion of Climate Change after our free showing of "CHASING ICE" this THURSDAY 2/27 AT 7PM; FIRST PARISH, 630 MASS.AVE, ARLINGTON. See our Events calendar and website and invite your friends to come at 6:30pm for some refreshments before we get rolling.

General Assembly Notes 18 February 2014


  • OA film series continues: 02/27, 03/21 - at First Parish Arlington.
  • Volunteers are needed for the Film Series - both ideas for up-coming screenings and guest speakers, as well as hands-on day-of hosting. Can you help? (chart - see below)
  • Next Occupy Arlington (OA) GA Tuesday, Mar.18th; 6:30 PM - Robbins 4th Fl Conf Rm. Agenda Items include your plans for our April film.
  • OA will continue to meet once a month (on Tuesdays) at the Robbins Library for the months of March (3/18) & April (4/22). Frequency of meetings will be revisited upon request.
  • Sunday OA meetings at the Senior Center can be reserved in addition for Working Groups and additional General Assemblies as required, by request.

Jan 7th Visioning Meeting

The small group that met on Tuesday night began by re-capping the last "Step Forward" meeting that was held at the end of 2013.

We focused on an Internal Vision & an External Vision, striving to come up with a plan that would address both, in the short term. Presently, the number of our actively involved members is limited, so the plan would take this into account. It was felt that we need to work on the last item on the chart - renewing our own energy and enthusiasm & engaging in exciting projects.

"[OA's] foundation remains here - and we can build [up] again."

Happy New Year and upcoming meeting schedule

We're looking forward to seeing you in the new year! Below, please find  our upcoming meeting schedule and locations.

Occupy Arlington will not be meeting at the Arlington Senior Center during the months of Jan., Feb., & Mar. due to the institution of a new Town Building Fee Policy which goes into effect on Jan 1, 2014.
 Please note these temporary changes:
1. No General Assembly on Sunday the 5th of January
2. Temporary working meeting (to which all are invited) with Pam DiBona, Tuesday the 7th of Jan '14, location to be announced.

General Assembly Notes 20 October 2013


  • OA film series - save the dates : 10/30 &11/15 - at First Parish Arlington. Details to follow.
  • Sunday, November 3, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Lester Brown: Breaking New Ground: Lester Brown on the Future of Our Planet at Cary Hall, Lexington.
  • NO Occupy Arlington (OA) GA on Sunday, November 3
  • Volunteers are needed in all MA towns and cities during the weeks leading up to Nov 20th. OA is collecting signatures on PASS MASS Amendment petition. Can you help?
  • Next Occupy Arlington (OA) GA Sun November 17th; 6:30 PM - Arlington Senior Center.

General Assembly Notes 6 October 2013


  • First meeting the newly formed Special Session G.A. WG for Sunday, Oct. 13. Time and Location TBD. Open to All. Interested members to contact anschramm(at)comcast(dot)net by 10/20.
  • OA is collecting signatures on PASS MASS Amendment petition before Nov 20th. Additional volunteers are needed in all MA towns and cities during these weeks.
  • Next Occupy Arlington (OA) GA Sun October 20th; 6:30 PM - Arlington Senior Center.

General Assembly Notes 15 September 2013

Present: Susan, Barbara, Ann, Lynette, David, Dick. Guest was Terra Friederichs from Pass Mass Amendment.

Working Group Reports

Finances: $195.34, though last meeting’s $17 has not been found.

Barbara reported on the Economic Justice Working Group:

Economic Justice is interested in sponsoring some films on the subject here in Arlington. Occupy hand-outs for distribution at Town Day and elsewhere have been identified.


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